A brief of the cement industry in Iran
Iran is among the countries of the world which has the different condition of Water and soil and climate . In our country the manufacture of concrete structures such as: dams, irrigation systems, water reservoirs, roads, bridges, tunnels and buildings ordinary and the Sublime, cement production and use has become a necessity.
Cement production capacity was 15.7 million tons in the first year of the revolution also Cement production capacity in 1367 (the year of the war) reached to 21.2 million ton. After the war, the commencement of construction, the attention of the authorities was the need to the cement. Today's cement production in the country has grown and produced within to the borders of 53/5 million tons in 1385. It is government policy Until around the country. Projects to build and operate factories has been started and The program Projected to reach 80 million tons in 2011.
Objectives and the needs and requirements of the project " ARDESTAN Cement"
Goals, needs and requirements of the project
All developing countries need to implement several projects in progress towards the achievement of leverage and achieve your ultimate goals, and they will attempt to do this. The lack of bulk materials such as cement, one of the main pillars of the construction , over the years (especially in recent years) is due to slow and delay in implementing many projects and it is happened  all over the country belonging to development projects. Hence the need for the country and also export the appropriate fields Market of strategic goods without the concerns would be guarantees. But one of the most important causes of cement production, is the abundant raw materials of the product in the country, which makes it necessary for the growth of the cement industry. On the other hand, any possible dependence on the construction and development of other industries needed is as a cause to The simultaneous growth of cement production industry and the development of new technologies.
Needs and general requirements
* strategic product of cement
* high consumer demand in all areas of construction (high demand)
* There are domestic and foreign markets, especially in the Persian Gulf region
* dependence of civil and industrial projects in the production of cement
* currency exchange technology and save
* There are abundant raw materials in the country
* Availability of expertise needed for the industry and the experience and expertise in the skilled local staff
* In line with the objectives of the government's macro-economic supremacy
* rapid economic profitability of the project and the actual practice of making more urgent it (the idea stage to its implementation and operation)

Specific requirements

  •  aids deprivation of marginalized part of the desert
  •  Creation of preventing the migration of population growth in the region in terms of providing business contexts
  •  High capacity and potential for job creation
  •  Full insoles mines stored in the implementation and Optimization of them
  • Appropriate response to the demands of local authorities And requests from local residents
  •  Development of infrastructure in underprivileged areas of Ardestan
  •  Despite the economic and social cost for domestic and foreign investors and Capital Spending money in the appropriate fields of manufacturing Instead of investing in other parts of the false income-generating (A step towards improving the economic correctly)
  •  The position
  •  Aids deprivation
  • Creating jobs and helping to resolve areas of unemployment

The land with an area of 90 hectares is Among the important land of Dizalu in ARDESTAN city located in the province of Isfahan which is leading to Limestone Mines and Maren From the South and West and Mahoory Barren hilly land from the east and Isfahan-Ardestan Asphalt road From the north and northeast.
Distance from the nearest village residential land (Dizalu) over 8 kilometers
Distance of the Asphalt road Isfahan - ARDESTAN less than 500 m
Distance to the center of Isfahan province is less than 65 km
Distance from center city of (ARDESTAN) is less than 47 km
Less than 2 km Distance to railway

Technology plan
From a technical point, this project Taking advantage of the technology and equipment German manufacturer POLYSIUS and Elin- Siemens Austria, which  is considered the most advanced machinery in the world. In some parts That may exist in the interior construction The efforts of local professionals and companies have been used. The imported components for mechanical parts was About 1850 tons so This project is one of the few projects that has The most internal construction with the best quality (According to international standards)
Geographic coordinates and climatic conditions of region
ARDESTAN cement complexes located in the area known as the village of Pynavand Dizalu An area of 90 hectares In less than 65 kilometers from the road of Isfahan to Ardestan. (Longitude 52 degrees, 3 minutes and Latitude 33 degrees, 3 minutes) is located. Results of surveys and studies show also reflects the fact that Choice of one of the national land area is the  Wasteland region and In terms of Pedology, Agriculture is has no power. The vegetation of the area and its surroundings The best in terms of compression rate is 25 to 35 percent and , Without the presence of species with ecological values. Climate zone that is affected by Arid and semi-arid climate of the province, Considered so that the average annual rainfall is varied from 115 to 120 ml, The duration of the rainfall is usually from November to May (alternating) ends.
The mean annual air temperature of the region is 17.5 ° C.it is forecasting that The coldest month, January, and the warmest is July . The relative air humidity is at least 24% (in July) And a maximum 53% (during the months of January and February) has been registered. Except settlements Dizalu and Pynavnd a distance of two kilometers, the land located, Other population centers (at least up to a radius of several kilometers) is not observed. In this regard, the nearest town to the project site (ARDESTAN) is About 48 km away and about 65 km far from Isfahan. Due to weather and climate conditions, the establishment and operation of  the factory is justified. Isfahan , ARDESTAN road closely passes (with less than 500 m) is the only main connecting road Along the railway Tehran - Isfahan (with a distance of approximately more than 2 km) from the main access routes to the desired location
Process of line
* Preparation of raw materials, including primary crushing, sampling, mixing, abrasion materials, raw material accumulating
* Curing cement (clinker production), including the operation of the heater, the heat transfer material to a rotary kiln, clinker cooling and accumulation
* abrasion a mixture of clinker and gypsum crushed by ball mills
* Storage of materials (concrete silos)
* Loading mass or packaged cement
* Market

Project features
Production capacity

Klinker production amounted to 3550 tons per day
Estimate the type and amount of raw materials
One of the reasons for the selection of the desired area, is closed to the mineral material that Its reserves are sufficient for decades of continuous production so The transport of minerals extracted is possible with Both through the appropriate transport vehicle or mechanical transmission (Using the facility
Transporters) Although priority is intended to transport by trucks. The main raw materials (minerals intended) to one hundred percent of its consumption in the country will be presented as follows:
* Iron ore
* Marley and limestone
* Gypsum
* Silica
* Schist

Estimate the amount of water consumption
The volume of water required is 15 liters per second that Water pipeline network will provide water supply to ARDESTAN city. Water is needed in two main parts to be spent (production and health).

Power Consumption
About 22 MW, which established a line length kva 63000  47 km of ARDESTAN and also provided the construction of a 63,000 Posts
The fuel required for the factory is Dual fuel oil or natural gas that is provided with The construction of two storage tanks with a capacity of 10 million liters of fuel and As well as gas transmission line to the length of 42 km.
Main activities
1 initial and central office equipment.
2 Design and engineering
3. Implementation of infrastructure and installations (public construction)
4-line construction operations
5 Construction of ancillary and support
6. Provision of foreign machinery and equipment
7 The provision of domestic machinery and equipment
8. Install the mechanical equipment
9 Electrical Equipment Installation and stillness
10 Employment and Training.
11 Preparation of technical and administrative guidelines.
12 Testing and commissioning.

Analysis of impacts on the economic environment, social and cultural analysis
Most of the positive effects resulting from the construction and operation of ARDESTAN cement project, is the impact on the environment in terms of economic, social and cultural region that They often also be combined with the desirability of making Because normally fixed and circulating raise funds and These projects will benefit many people such as income residents in areas of ARDESTAN that according to the classification of government, the city is among the least developed and will be deemed deprived. So that according to a survey carried out in addition to city officials, a group of locals, including artisans, shopkeepers, workers, repairman, guilds, public transport drivers and the general public, and the establishment of such a project is completely built on so that will affect their livelihood, and they welcome and embrace it.
Consequences such as employment opportunities, especially in large-scale industrial projects in the area of cement production plant Can be a major attraction of the indigenous peoples of the disadvantaged area that are  eager for that. On the other hand, because there are limitations in the agriculture sector, Economic development based on livestock and agricultural activities are very weak and seems impossible. While the creation of employment opportunities as well as other areas of the economy (such as the service sector, tourism, housing and urban development) free attractions in the region is necessary. Hence, industrial projects (such as the construction of cement plants) are among the opportunities that They make the issue of employment and income for local people and ultimately increase the economic and social development and ensure a certain area to be obtained.
Favorable effect on the economic result of the implementation of the cases can be cited as: Self-development and development affairs services, providing multiple areas of economic development of population , development of transport, development of the construction sector, foreign exchange savings, the development of non-oil exports (exchange technology), development of infrastructure, development of research and industrial research and introduction of new technologies offering.
Since the estimates are based on About how the country's cement consumption per capita that is according to the Future population rate of 5.1 percent, will be Between at least 35 kg and maximum 720 kg Per person . Not only is the construction of a cement plant with a capacity of 3,300 tons per day Regarding the shortage will not be enough, Rather, it is necessary to compensate. In addition, imports of the product, rather than establishing new industrial units will also be attempted. Therefore, the city's economic development began with the construction of a cement plant and  then the same time using  it on the boom continues.
Along with the project executive, Boom in the transport sector, which is part of the employment and lucrative include With considerable speed in the establishment of several centers like: Travel agencies, transport companies, contractors and procurement transport, mechanical repair shop, painting and smoothen, electrical services, oil change, stores supply spare parts for motor vehicles That subsequently increase in public revenues is done.
On the other hand, by setting up the Ardestan cement plant Health centers , the new service firms will be created that  Along with the strengthening of existing centers, Development and improvement of the health of the region is taken as a more appropriate measures.
In addition to the direct favorable impact of the project, Many positive effects that indirectly from Construction and operation , will be awarded to the community, that The list is as follows:
The titles of the most important positive effects


* aids deprivation
* Create job opportunities
Increased public and local revenues*
Development and improvement of infrastructure in the region*
* Self-development
* Research and development research
* Development of related technologies and to improve technology for cement industry
* Introduction of new and advanced technologies
* Savings will accrue from exports and exchange of technology
* Development of non-oil exports (exchange technology)
* Development of services
* Prevent the migration of local qualified personnel
Development and improvement of building and civil engineering projects*
* Matched with a program of economic development, social and cultural of government
* Preparing the fields of industrial development of the country
* Development of transport

Indirect positive effects

* Creation of green spaces
* The development of transport
* Development of Services
* Development of building
* Development of industrial and civil
* Development of local business
* Introduction and presentation of relevant new technologies
* Providing the possibility of strengthening the cooperation and participation of the people



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